i sound much like nana johari im sorry . new blog . new year . new life .

Ignore grammar error . I tried as much as I could to make it perfect but screw my idiot brain

I know that it is too late to wish you guys a happy new year but who cares.Happy new year.Have a happy life.May this year be one of those years that we will treasure and keep it in our mind for old time preview.

2014 was a disaster.Not really a disaster since I could still survive and keep myself breathing.2014 is the year I have my exam.I screwed up a lot.Not like i never screwed up in any exam before but this year is worst.This year also is the year i got my spectacle and yes , i look like a loser and nerd.Not that i  mind though.2014 was the year which held an important event in my life.I should be thankful although i am not because , this event make me realize there is no such comfort in this world .There is no such faith in life.

2014 was the year that matured me a lot than i thought i would be.A year that hold so many memories and the year that people keep revealing their true self.I may not be perfect but i am still changing for the best.

so, this year is the year i will change for good.A year which kpop will not be the obstacles that keep me away from my goals . And yes , that struggle are real.

Room have been re-decorated for 2015 feels ha ha .Thanks god I could still manage to save this soul and keep it alive during those re-decorating time.It feels like my energy have been sucked out from my soul and I felt soulless .Wow , since when i talked like those old poetry that writes old poem ?

I really don't know what to talk.I guess i am just another loser that should shut up in the comfort of my room.The reason why i still continue writing is just that writing could actually ease something in my packed mind . At least I could spill something but seriously who are we deceiving .It will still be there no matter how much i tried to get rid of its existence.At the end , it will be just me the one who gave up .

As much as i have been practically remind myself that im not ready for a senior year in school , taking additional subject im my study , i couldn't stop myself from being excited on how it will actually feel.

So , as I said before,new blog,new year and new start. I couldn't guarantied that i will updated this blog more regularly , and if those Full Scholarship accepted my request,things will be worst.I couldn't update as much as I could when I live at home.I couldn't online as much as i could before.Things will eventually change.

to hafizzudin ahem please forgive me for all my mistake , ignoring you , annoys you as much as i love to do that for the sake to see your priceless reaction haha . happy new year friend because you are the great , seriously best person i've ever meet . please dont change and just be the hafiz i once know for his kindness and wise words because that is what you are . im sorry this is the most cheesy line i've ever said but hell , i mean it so why not ? i love you k in brotherly way for sure since i am straight as a line haha

to nan and lin , my online friends please just forgive me because i am not a good friend to start with . i am a loser , a snobbish . a person which can never be a good friend haha yes true i am not a good friend .

to adam kiddo please also forgive this pathetic human being . ignoring your message for a few days before answering it haha . sorry i can not be a great hyung for you . to sin gi cheon hyung please forgive this awful donsaeng during our lesson . thanks for teaching me . thanks for putting up with me . thanks for being a good brother . thanks for being there , hearing my problem and thanks for giving me some useful advises when i need it . you are the best bro 

I realize that i keep using sorry and thanks in these few paragraphs and it creep the hell out of me .

2015 , please be nice

new past